Why FirstPhase?

Why us?

There are thousands of options out there.

In the first phase of setting up your business, choosing a reliable partner is essential, and we get that. 

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It's all about you

The problem with most of the big design corporations nowadays, is that you are a number. We on the other hand, take our time to get to know you, and your business. Over a steaming cup of coffee we will find out what drives you, and what your needs are. By doing this, the result will be like a tailored suit; a guaranteed perfect fit!


We design. And we do it good. Not to brag, but since we founded this company in the winter of 2015, we haven't had a single unsatisfied customer, or any sort of dissatisfaction about our work (okay, maybe a tiny brag).  And isn't that what matters most? 


Design never stands still, nor do we. We are always looking for ways to adapt and improve our design. A dime a dozen is not good enough for us, we strive to make something unique and valuable of every project we realise.


And? Are you convinced yet? 
If so, why don't you take a look at our plans and find out more about what we have to offer. Not quite convinced yet? 
Why don't you take a look at our plans and see what we have to offer!